About Maureen

Employee Workplace Wellness Is My Passion

I’m passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for employee workplace wellness. Through training in behavioural health, I’m able to identify problems in the work setting and offer powerful solutions to restore calm & boost productivity at work.

I am a licensed mental health professional, a corporate trainer, a coach, and a certified crisis counselor for businesses. Early in my career, I lived and worked in Paris, France, while working for both American Express & IBM. This experience piqued my interest in working with the corporate population & eventually led to studying how workers manage stress and how they can stay resilient during tough times.

Name, Normalize and Navigate is the latest training I have created for managers and HR professionals. This will allow you to identify employee behaviours, create a safe psychological environment for frank discussions and examine options and accommodations.  All too often leaders intervene too late resulting in the loss of a good employee. This is an ethical guide for business owners and HR professionals.

If you are an employee or a manager of an employee with an invisible or “hidden disability” I can help with assisting individuals with invisible disabilities.

What Can I Do for You?

Whether you are looking to boost productively, resolve employee conflict, manage stress or improve your organisations image, my range of services and expertise are here for you. 

Meet with Me – One on One

If you feel the need to have a more personal, one on one conversation, then select an available date and  make an appointment.

Maureen Hotchner