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Invisible Versus Visible Disabilities

Published 2021/09/30 at 8:15 pm

Hello and welcome. My name is Maureen Hotchner. I’m someone who’s passionate about mental health and I’m particularly interested in good mental health for all workers. I was thrilled when I saw that EAPA was featuring Invisible Disabilities & Stigma at Work this year. This is important because 60 to 80 million people in this country have a disability, that’s 1 in 4 Americans. We know that this minority faces economic inequity, cultural isolation and discrimination in education, employment and societal activities. We’re also told that all of us, in our lifetime, all of us will have a disability, either a temporary one or one that is age related.

My goal is that you take away a mini primer on disability, plus 5 facts on why we should hire people with disabilities, 5 actionable steps you can take immediately to support workers with disabilities and finally what is the ROI when you have a diverse employee population with disabilities.